General Contractor

As your general contractor we promise we won’t stop working until you’re satisfied.

General ContractorIf you have been thinking about a home renovation project, the first step is to bring in a general contractor who can take over the project and alleviate your stress and concern about the process. Read on for a few tips in choosing a general contractor for your project.

If the home renovation project that you have in mind includes a specific room, it may be helpful to choose a company with experience in that type of remodeling. For example, a company that doesn’t do a lot of bathroom remodeling may not know what appliances or flooring brands are best for the area in which you live. General contractors who have experience with remodeling basements will also usually have additional training in buildings and maintaining structural integrity, since adding or remodeling a basement might include moving, adding, or repositioning walls.

Another good tip for making sure you have a positive experience with your general contractor is to make a list of questions you want to ask. If you think of something while you are planning out your project, write it down and make sure it is covered adequately before you start construction. Additionally, decide how much you want to spend and outline that to your general contractor, as well. If you have specific aspects of the renovation that you can’t live without, outline that clearly ,so he or she can include that part of the project as a non-negotiable.

At Southshore Group, we offer our general contractor and renovation services to properties in and around Barrie, Ontario. Please contact us today for more information.