Ponds & Waterfalls-179011639Water features like ponds & waterfalls provide soothing sounds and sights to help you de-stress and relax in a hectic world. Improve your mental and physical health and lower your blood pressure as you put your feet up and enjoy Mother Nature’s therapeutic effects. The sound of water also drowns out noise from neighbours and traffic, and of course, water features add aesthetic appeal to your landscape and make a lovely backdrop for entertaining.

In today’s world, environmental sustainability has taken centre stage, and ponds & waterfalls play an important role in conserving the world’s greatest resource – water. For example, an eco-system pond is self-sustaining with virtually no maintenance. While it may take gallons of water to initially fill it, over time it will need less water than the area of lawn it replaced.

Ponds & waterfalls also attract all types of wildlife, from butterflies and birds, to salamanders and frogs. Gardening could soon become your favourite hobby as you get drawn into the beauty of nature. Moreover, a pond provides the opportunity to keep fish as pets, without the hassles, mess and maintenance of an aquarium. If you are a bird lover, you’ll delight in the new array of feathered friends that will visit your garden. Yes, water features will create a whole new world!

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