Outdoor Kitchens-488221463With the warm weather on its way, this is a perfect time for homeowners to transform their yards into entertainment areas. A great place to start is by installing outdoor kitchens, which don’t have to cost a lot to be functional. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

  Pick a spot that’s close to a water source and electrical outlets.

  Outdoor kitchens can be as simple as adding a small storage unit, a counter prep area, and your existing barbecue.

  Plan the arrangement of all components, and then place them against a fence or wall for a galley style kitchen to use a minimal amount of space. Alternatively, use a corner to make a bigger L-shaped space where several people can prep food at the same time.

  Carefully consider the placement of the outdoor dining area. It should be close enough to work in tandem with the grill, but not so close that smoke wafts over it.

  Make sure there’s sufficient room to expand the kitchen in case you want to add more storage and counter space in the future, or perhaps a pizza oven.

  For the storage and counter prep area, use materials that can stand up to the elements and stains. Durable solid surfaces like stainless steel, quartz Silestone and Corian are all great options for outdoor kitchens.

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