Kitchen Renovations

We offer kitchen renovations that turn this room into the best room in your house.

Kitchen RenovationsOne of the most popular rooms to update and renovate in your home is the kitchen. Most people spend a substantial amount of time in the kitchen, whether for meal preparation or working on homework or having dinner together. Many families also use the kitchen as a meeting space to discuss upcoming plans and scheduling. If your kitchen feels cramped or outdated, you may not be maximizing the space that you have available. At Southshore Group, we offer kitchen renovations for homes in and near Barrie, Ontario, so we can turn this room into the best one in your house.

There are many different options you can choose from for your renovation project. We can install new flooring, whether you want hardwood, laminate, natural stone, or ceramic floors in the kitchen. We can also replace your cabinetry to add more storage space and match with the color scheme you want for your kitchen. Our team can easily expand your kitchen if you have enough room to make it larger, which often involves framing and drywall installation. As part of kitchen renovations, we can order and install new appliances for you, as well.

When we perform kitchen renovations, we also offer a five-year warranty on the work we do. Your contractor will give you a time line and completion date, and we will stick closely to that because we understand that your time and schedule are important. Your contractor will also work directly with the subcontractors to make sure they arrive on time and complete each step of the renovation process as planned.