Waterfall Construction

Waterfall Construction

After your backyard waterfall construction is completed, we can add landscaping to make your new waterfall look as natural and beautiful as possible.

The sound of trickling or falling water is notably one of the most soothing sounds to human beings. If you are looking for a way to add more peace and tranquility to your own life and home, installing your very own water feature in the form of a waterfall is not as dramatic as it sounds. At Southshore Group in Barrie, Ontario, we have the knowledge and experience needed for quality waterfall construction.

One of the great things about waterfall construction is that not much space is required. This is because waterfalls are vertical water features, so they do not have to take up a large surface space. No matter how large or small your yard is, you can fulfill your dream of having a waterfall.

Another space-saving fact about waterfalls is that you do not have to have a pond for the waterfall to spill into. If you do not desire a pond, or you just don’t have the space for one, your waterfall can be set up to simply spill down into the base rocks and then recycle up through the pumps and back through the waterfall. This is often referred to as a disappearing waterfall.

After your waterfall construction is completed, our landscaping services can then be put to use, so your waterfall looks as natural as possible. You will love the added touch of greenery and landscaping that will enhance the beauty of your new water feature. You can also take advantage of our five-year warranty that applies to all new projects. Call us today to get started on creating your dream backyard waterfall!